About us

Welcome to Barshifts.com. My name is Chris (CMV) Voss. The idea for this website came to me as a combination of a few things. First, I was receiving phone calls from friends wondering if I knew of any bar shifts that were available. Since I work at three different places, I understood why they would look to me for extra or available shifts. It only makes sense that if someone I know is looking for work, I would be at the top of the list to call.

Second, management was looking for someone to cover last minute shifts where I work. I was under the gun and had to find someone available right away. If I was able to get a shift covered, that person had to know what they are doing. If I could find someone soon enough, the bar manager could get the shift covered.

The shift eventually got covered by a friend of a friend who said, "I bartended in college" or "it's been a few years". And guess what? Within two minutes I could tell that person didn't know what he was doing. I needed a place to find a qualified bartender immediately!

The final piece came to me on the way Las Vegas. Where could I get in touch with a bartender in Vegas directly? We all wanted to go out every night and had no idea where to go. If I had been able to get in touch somehow with a bartender in Vegas, that would've been awesome.

Here is how I got started in the business.

I moved to Atlanta in 1992 and got a job waiting tables at a steakhouse downtown. It was fun, but what I really noticed was the bartender having the most fun. I put about six months on the floor, then worked on picking up bar shifts when one of the bartenders wanted the night off. It worked! One night as a bartender and I was hooked.

From that point on, all I have done is bartend. I have worked at some of the hottest spots in Atlanta, including the Prince of Wales on Piedmont Park, and Martini Club in Midtown. Martini Club was promoted in an issue of Newsweek magazine for being the first of its kind (52 different Martinis and a Cigar bar upstairs). Since then, I was offered a position at the Shark Bar which was one the hottest bars in NY, Chicago and LA. From there I moved on to Tongue-n-Groove, Compound, Ritz-Carlton, 755 Club, Players Billiards, Shadows, Leopard Lounge and Twisted Taco. I am currently working for Flip Flops in midtown, Verde (a gourmet taqueria in Brookhaven) and Wing Factory in Buckhead.

Do you want to know what the secret is to making a lot of money as a bartender? How to put on a show and get into character? These essentials are not taught at your typical Bartending School. I will train you! After 18 years in the business at all levels of bartending, I have hundreds and hundreds of contacts in Atlanta.

Training is available on a very personal level. I can teach you the drinks and also teach you the trade secrets. The secrets and the little tricks of bartending are what will make you stand you apart from the rest when it comes to your tips.

You can reach me through the site - I am CMV