How do I upload a Resume or Photo to my Profile?
Upload a resume when you first join, or under “Edit Profile” after your profile is created, or when you fill out your application in your profile. You can load multiple pictures to your profile. Upload more photos in the “Profile Photos” section after your profile is created. You can also upload music, videos and customize the look of your profile once it has been created.
Do have to fill out an application before I can apply for a job?
Before you can apply to the Venues that are hiring, you must fill out application. Fill out the application by clicking the link in the jobs section of your profile.
Once your application is complete, you can edit it at any time from the jobs section of your profile.
If a Venue is offering a job in your area, click the green “Select” button to apply, and then the blue “Send it” button. You can monitor your sent applications by clicking the Add, Reviewed and Submitted buttons on the Jobs menu bar. Click the blue information button for further instructions.
Why should I follow BarShifts.com on twitter?
All jobs that are posted to the forum section will be sent to twitter as soon as they are posted. Click the” follow us on Twitter” icon on the Home, Member, FAQ or Forum pages.
How do I subscribe to receive Jobs that are posted to specific Forums?
While on the Forums page, click on a category such as “Bartender Job Shifts”, and at the top of each section you will see a sentence that starts with: “To receive Automatic Emails When New post are Added to” … Click Here – and you will be added to that Forum. Any time a job is posted to that forum, you will receive an email notification.
How do I post my schedule?
You must log in to your profile to post your schedule. While logged into your profile select Available or Working, then for location type in main, back bar, outside, etc., then for Where type in the name of place. For Shifts Start and Shift End, click on calendar and choose date first, then click time start and end. To make repeat weekly, click weekly and choose on the calendar again when you want it to end. Then, click Post Shift.
How do I become Verified?
Upload a current resume and photo to your profile. Your main photo should be a photo of just yourself and look as professional as possible. Pictures with your friends, wife, and pets are great additional pictures for your profile, but the main picture should be just you.
Can I get BarShifts.com business cards for myself?
Absolutely! A BarShifts business card will be the last card you need, because no matter where you work you can promote yourself through your Profile you create on BarShifts.com. Use the Scheduler so your customer base can follow you no matter where you are currently working. The card templates all ready to go and other BarShift.com members are already using them. They are inexpensive and look great! Contact me (CMV) through the site if you are interested. Here is an example card:
If I am the first person to respond to a last minute shift email, will I get the job?
NO!! It is up to the club who they choose, so make sure your profile is complete and up to date. The club will look over your profile picture, resume, etc. and decide if they are interested in using you – so make sure your profile is complete!

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